Shadow and James Show Episode 31: Spring Forward

Christmas Holiday in Amsterdam, Bruges, and Brussels (with photos and video)
Big news: (If you haven’t already heard) We’re engaged!
Jim’s career: the next phase
Mentioned: Computers, Freedom and Privacy 2009

Food: Merge
Movies: Met Opera in HD Live, Watchmen (and Amanda Marcotte’s thoughts on Pandagon)
Time: 35:05
Music: Phantasma, by Bitstream Dream, featuring Anji Bee, on the Podsafe Music Network.
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Twitter and Online Community

This morning my friend Connie Crosby tripped and sprained her ankle.  Connie, a former law librarian and now independent social media consultant, mentioned it on Twitter.  Within minutes, half a dozen friends responded with sympathy (“owie! owie! sorry to hear this. hope you recover quickly“) and advice (“perhaps selfmedication is in order! wine or beer before noon is allowed under these circumstances.”) I first met Connie online, through her blog, and developed a friendship with her through her frequent guest appearances on the Check This Out! Podcast before we first met in person at a Podcasters Meetup in Toronto over three years ago.

A little later this morning, I exchanged a series of chat messages with another law librarian friend who has accepted a new job and wanted me to suggest some names of librarians to recommend as his replacement.  This was yet another law librarian friend I first met online (first through his blog, then through Twitter) whom I might not otherwise have encountered, but who has become a good friend (and part of my Fantasy Law Library team.)

I’ve just come back from lunch with my partner Kristina Lively, who is also webmaster for University at Buffalo Law School. Kristina and I first met in Second Life, and after a few months of chatting for hours online–and falling in love–we met in real life at her then home in Washington DC.  A few months later Kristina moved to Buffalo, where we share our life and work with our colleagues and friends.  We spent part of our lazy Saturday afternoon together planning the next Buffalo Tweetup, an almost-monthly opportunity for folks in the Buffalo area who happen to use Twitter and other social media to get together for drinks and conversation.

Two weeks ago Kristina and I spent the weekend at the Niagara on the Lake Podcasting and Social Media Meetup with our old friends Connie Crosby, Keith Burtis, Mark Blevis, Wayne MacPhail, and new friends John Meadows, Bill Deys, Sean McGaughey, and others–all people we first met online.

In just over three weeks Kristina and I will be going to Podcamp Montreal, where (at last count) 267 social media users from all over Canada (and a handful of Americans), all of whom know each other through podcasts, blogs, and Twitter, will be getting together to share ideas and simply to have fun.

Can someone explain to me how all of this constitutes an “imagined community,” and how it lacks “the subtleties of types of connection possible in the meat world”?

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Shadow and James Show Episode 023: Portland, Austin, New Orleans, Buffalo

Episode 023: Portland, Austin, New Orleans, Buffalo

Jim went to AALL in Portland (and took pictures).
Then Kristina and Jim went to Netroots Nation in Austin.  We saw two films: Crawford (2008 ) and Trouble the Water (2008 ).
Then Jim went to New Orleans to help plan a conference.
Back at home, Kristina and Jim got to see some movies: Hellboy II: The Golden Army (2008 ), The Dark Knight (2008 ), Persepolis (2007), and Hero (2002).
We tell GeekGrls Suze and Sheri where the tech women are in social media.
We tried Cuil but we’re sticking with Google.
If you’re in the neighborhood, come to the Niagara Meetup.
And finally, Happy Birthday Laura!

Interview on BlogTalkRadio

Yesterday afternoon I was the guest on The Law Librarian, hosted by Richard Leiter and Brian Striman.  Rich is Director of the Schmid Law Library and Professor of Law, University of Nebraska-Lincoln College of Law.  Brian is Professor of Law Library, Head of Technical Services, and Catalog Librarian at Schmid Law Library.  This was the second installment of their occasional call-in Internet talk show.  We talked about Web 2.0 tools and gadgets, social networking, and the upcoming AALL annual meeting.  Give it a listen, and be sure to listen again for the next episode.

Shadow and James Show Episode 021: Beep Beep Beep

Episode 021: Beep Beep Beep

Jim and Kristina are at the airport, heading to the CALI Conference for Law School ComputingGwen from Torchwood
Buffalo Pride Parade
Allentown Art Festival
Kristina’s new hairstyle: looks like Gwen from Torchwood
Family Guy rules JimStinastan
Buffalo Homecoming

Time: 16:54
Music: Phantasma, by Bitstream Dream, featuring Anji Bee, on the Podsafe Music Network.
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