Looking for e-discovery vendors interested in law school collaboration

I spent a good chunk of the morning talking with e-discovery vendors in the Legaltech exhibit hall and trying to figure out how best to expose my students to e-discovery systems. Unfortunately, in most cases the people I needed to talk to within each company weren’t available, so I’m posting this as a sort-of RFP from e-discovery vendors interested in working with me in the law school classroom.

The e-discovery course has four components. The largest component is teaching the students the legal rules of e-discovery–primarily the 2006 amendments to the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure, FRE 502, the case law applying those rules, and the Sedona Conference materials that help inform the case law. Next are the people skills. First, my students have to learn to work with clients who are may not understand concepts like litigation holds and duty to preserve, and whose instincts may tell them to hide or destroy damaging information. My students also have to learn project management skills to help them lead the ESI preservation and production process. Next, my students need to learn to negotiate with and understand e-discovery vendors. The smallest component involves learning about ESI storage, management, and production technologies; it is the smallest part of the course because I anticipate that my students, when they become new lawyers, are less likely to be technologists themselves, but must understand the technology well enough to be able to select and work with vendors.

What I’m looking for is e-discovery vendors who are interested in being part of this process. I want to incorporate various types of role-playing and simulations in the course. Some of that role-playing will involved client counseling and management; some of it will involve selecting and working with vendors.

If your e-discovery company is interested in this, please contact me. I envision something like a 30-45 minute Skype conference call with your reps, as my students–playing a law firm seeking to hire an e-discovery vendor to work on a matter–interview your reps to determine what you can do for them, and to select the best vendor for the job. You stand to gain clients, as my students will be the next lawyers working in e-discovery. You might also gain employees; at least one of my former students is now working in e-discovery. You might find it to be a useful training exercise for new marketing and tech people. You might even appreciate feedback from students who can tell you how your presentation came across.

I’ll be at Legaltech for the next couple of days. If it takes a while for this request to find its way to the right people in your organization, please email me or leave a comment on this blog. I look forward to hearing from you.


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