To Christopher, my brave little buddy

ChristopherChristopher came into my and my ex-wife’s life from our favorite taco restaurant in 1991 or 1992. Eberly and I were eating at the now-gone Happy Taco in St. Louis, when one of the owners came up to us. “You seem like such nice people. Would you like to adopt a cat?” He was a tiny flea-ridden kitten with frizzy orange fur, found by the owners in the alley, but he was very cute, and of course we took him home.

For the first week or two Eberly brushed and combed him constantly, until finally he was rid of fleas. Our other cat, William, took to him right away. William had a bad habit of chasing and attacking Eberly’s bare feet as she walked around the apartment; clearly he needed a playmate. William and Christopher became fast friends, and they would often be found curled up together.

Christopher and William









After the sweet and wonderful William passed away about seven years ago, I adopted two new kittens to keep Christopher company. Trjegul was a grey, striped fluffball, and Bygul a sleek little black kitty.


As Trjegul got older, she became Christopher’s girlfriend–a love that could never be, as both had been neutered as kittens. Still, Trjegul and Christopher loved to curl up together, and Christopher would occasionally make a pass at her, although neither really knew what to do.

Christopher and Trjegul


Trjegul and Christopher

Christopher & Trjegul

Christopher was definitely the boss cat in our household. When there were adventures to be had (rare for indoor cats), he was in the lead.
Three Cats

Although Christopher was in charge of the cats, a responsibility he took seriously, he was not above having fun.

Christopher sticks out his tongue

Christopher Likes Poland Spring

Christopher, In Up to his Ears


Mostly, though, Christopher loved me. He loved to sit in my lap or curl in my arms. At night he would settle down between my legs as I slept, and he was the one responsible for waking us up in the morning to make sure all the cats got their breakfast.


Jim and Christopher

Christopher loved Kristina, of course–how could he not?–but with all he and I had gone through together, we were special buddies.

Jim and Christopher


A few months ago, we took Christopher to the vet because he seemed to have trouble eating and his breath was bad. The vet extracted the bad teeth, and he was able to eat better, but the wound didn’t heal properly. After a biopsy showed he had mouth cancer, we decided to take care of him as long as he was able to eat and as long as he seemed to be in little pain. He was always a sweet, sociable kitty, and he loved to sit in my lap on the couch as we watched TV in the evening. We put him on a special diet that was easy to swallow, and he kept going. He slowed down, and didn’t play much, but he still loved to cuddle with us.
Christopher is still hanging in there. He's my brave little buddy.

Yesterday Christopher wasn’t able to eat. He tried licking at the liquidy food the vet prescribed, and that he had been eating well for a couple of months, but it was obvious that he was in pain. We knew he was ready to go.

We took Christopher to the vet this morning, and he passed away peacefully in our arms. He was always a brave little kitty, and my best buddy. Kristina and I, and the other cats, will miss him very much.


10 thoughts on “To Christopher, my brave little buddy”

  1. So sorry, Jim! I loved your post about Christopher. My heart goes out to you guys. But the post is just so beautiful, and lets the world know what a lovely person Christopher was!

  2. Sad! Attached with your pet for a long time and it passed away, it feels like your life is not complete anymore. Sorry for your loss.

  3. I’m sorry for your loss. I too enjoyed the pictures of Christopher you shared over the years. Words cannot capture the bond we have with our feline companion. He had a good life.

  4. I’m so sorry for your loss. Thanks for telling us about him and how much he meant to you.

  5. Jim & Kristina I’m so sorry to hear about Christopher. It is always so tough to lose them even though he had a nice long happy life. I had a cat for 17 years and I used to tell my sons that they better watch out because I had had her longer than I had had them!

  6. Thanks for posting this. It’s clear from your photos and text how wonderful a cat he has been; I’m very sorry to hear of your loss. Christopher sounds like he was a great companion and friend, who loved much and was much loved. I wish your whole family my best during these difficult days.

  7. I just wanted to say I am so sorry for your loss. I choked up reading this post. As a lover of all animals, I just wanted to thank you for giving this little guy an amazing life. I had to hug my dog after reading this…the animals in our lives mean so much to us…

  8. Oh, Jim, I am so sorry to hear about this! I always loved seeing pictures of Christopher. You were very lucky to find each other and I’m glad you had a wonderful life together. Take care.

  9. what a wonderful tribute in your sadness. I love how much you love your cats. Kathie

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