Outcome Measures in Law School and Value Billing in Law Firms

I suppose this is completely obvious to everyone else, but it just struck me: the ABA Committee on Legal Education and Admissions to the Bar’s proposed standards requiring outcomes measurements in legal education are completely consistent with clients’ demands for value billing.

Best Practices for Legal Education

I just saw that  the Outcome Measures Report is posted on the ABA web site.  The Outcome Measure Committee was chaired by Randy Hertz and is a tour de force.  The Report cites Best Practices and the Carnegie Report extensively, it then goes on to look at legal education in other countries, accreditation in other disciplines and regional accreditation standards for universities and colleges.  The Report concludes that the ABA accreditation standards should be less “input driven” and more “outcome  driven”.   It even begins to consider the costs of this shift in accreditation standards. Check out the report!

The Anchor Plate

It’s 2010 and the client revolution is in full swing — lawyers are finding that they may just have to justify their bills based on the value received by their clients, not just the amount of time the lawyers devoted to a matter. If you think about it, this shouldn’t come as much of a surprise, but somehow it seems like virgin territory for many lawyers.


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