After 25 years as a law librarian, and almost nine years as Director of the Law Library and Associate/Vice Dean for Legal Information Services, the time has come for a change in direction.  For several years I have been considering all the options available to me, and in particular the roads (so far) not taken, and I have decided to take on new challenges.  As of December 31, 2008, I will step down from my position as Director of the Law Library to return to the tenured faculty.

As a law librarian, I have come to be known with my work in the application of technology in law libraries and legal education, and more broadly in digital communication and online communities.  My work in these areas has always led me to push the envelope of traditional library services in fruitful directions.   At the same time, I have had to defer pursuing my own scholarly and teaching interests.  I have always worked on the practical side of exciting emerging technologies, and have more and more been drawn to explore the legal, social, and policy aspects of those technologies in greater depth as a teacher and scholar.

Starting in Fall 2009 I will be teaching in such areas as Cyberspace Law, Information Privacy Law, Internet Speech, Electronic Evidence, and Law and Social Media.  I will also be Director of the new Program on Law and Social Technologies in the Baldy Center for Law and Social Policy.  In the latter role I plan to help the Law School build connections with University researchers in a wide variety of disciplines.

I have always loved being a law librarian, and the friendships I have made with my colleagues have meant the world to me.  I look forward to continuing to nurture those friendships, and exploring collaborations with law librarians and other technology leaders, as I take on new challenges in the years to come.


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