UB Law Library

Law Library, originally uploaded by jmilles.

This is an HDR (High Dynamic Range) photo of the interior reading room of the UB Law Library. It was made from six separate exposures processed with Photomatix Pro. For more photos as we tear up the library for extensive roof repairs, see the blog Strict Construction.


3 thoughts on “UB Law Library”

  1. I think the idea of a students-only reading area is a fantastic one. The main floor was just too noisy for quiet study, in my opinion.

  2. Thanks, Scruffy. I used a Canon Powershot G9 with the optional wide-angle lens attachment. The G9 does a three exposure auto bracket at up to plus or minus 2 f stops. You can get six exposures (well, actually five) by dialing down the expsoure 2 stops manually, shooting the auto-bracket shot, then dialing up two stops and shooting another auto-bracket shot. Photomatix Pro then takes all the exposures and generates an HDR image. You then play around with the tone mapping settings until you get an effect you like.

    The essentials for good HDR are a sufficiently wide range of exposures and an easy-to-use program like Photmatix Pro. That and learning to recognize subjects that will respond well to HDR processing. I’m still developing an eye for good subjects.

  3. Jim,
    cool picture. Would you explain the process for HDR and the equipment you used? For instance, did you use auto bracketing?

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