Shadow and James Episode 016: Ketchup Potato Chips!

Kristina and Rebecca went to Canada Blooms and all I got was this lousy bag of ketchup potato chips!

At WJ Morrissey’s with Marti Gorman on Buffalo Homecoming Week (June 26-29, 2008)
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Recipe: Szekely Goulash
Movies: Used Cars (1980), Black Book (2006)
Time: 35:53
Music: Phantasma, by Bitstream Dream, featuring Anji Bee, on the Podsafe Music Network.
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About James G. Milles

Professor of Law, SUNY Buffalo Law School

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  1. Hey Jim — I can’t hear this. What am I doing wrong? Help!

  2. I fixed the link–click on the “speaker” icon. Or even better–go to and subscribe there!

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