Set word processor to “puree”

From an otherwise favorable restaurant review in today’s Buffalo News:

The New Zealand venison loin ($29), accompanied by mushroom spaetzle, butternut squash and the tooth, but that’s really a minor parsnip puree, was served rare quibble. That venison was with a nicely sharp currant full of flavor.

sauce. The meat was just a tad Muscovy duck breast ($ 25) was dry, just a tiny bit resistant to cooked rare and served with a potato cake, brussels sprouts and Dijon sauce. Very satisfying.


2 thoughts on “Set word processor to “puree””

  1. That looks much like the result of our Library laptop (late, and unlamented) when it indulged in doing a word processing mauling.
    That machine is why my Glorious Leader Isabel is sometimes now known as El Isab, after accidentally signing off as that without realising what Evil Laptop had done to her signature line….

  2. How did I miss this fun in my first reading, Jim? The tooth – an incisor, was it?

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