The Pendulum Swings, but Always to the Right

Chet Scoville at The Vanity Press observes:

At this point, the White House is more deeply corrupt than the Congress ever was. And the press is telling everyone that they shouldn’t really care. They are falling down on the job even worse than they did with the Republican Congress. But never fear. As the Administration comes to a close eighteen months from now, all sorts of nasty stuff will begin crawling out from under the woodwork. The inside-the-beltway crowd will conclude from this that they went too far in the other direction: that in their haste not to repeat the torch-and-pitchfork-carrying mob mentality of the Clinton years, they let the White House get away with far too much over the past eight years. They will resolve to correct this error and hold the White House’s feet to the fire this time.

And they will apply this lesson just in time for the next President (this time a Democratic one) to take over. Bush’s cronies, having gotten away with everything, will take their rightful places as regular contributors to cable news, helping to keep an eye on the White House lest it become corrupt. And Bush himself will retire to Kennebunkport, secure in the knowledge that he will never be held accountable for anything ever again.


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