Right wing terrorism

From Rick Perlstein, via Hullabaloo:

Stop it, stop it right now. Stop pretending Islamicists – or environmentalists or animal rights activists which are, ridiculously, federal law enforcement and non-governmental terrorism-watchers next most obsessive concern – are the only imminent terrorist threats to our nation. We now know that students at Liberty University were ready to napalm protesters at Jerry Falwells funeral. One of the suspects is a soldier at Fort Benning. [UPDATE: Falwell gave the kid a scholarship.]

If the media does not start connecting some dots, they will have abdicated their citizenzship duties. How many times has the nation potentially come within a hairs breadth of suffering a right-wing terrorist attack this spring? As of today, three, or possibly six times – at least that we know about.

Read the rest to get the full rundown.


3 thoughts on “Right wing terrorism”

  1. I highly recommend the mockumentary “Death of a President”… in regards to this issue. It is about “if” President Bush was assassinated, and what would happen afterwards. It has some interesting twists that make you really think about what is so f’ed up with us pointing fingers to everyone overseas….

  2. Sometimes I refer to the McVeigh attack as ‘the terrorist attack’ and people look at me like I’m goofy. I don’t know why so many Americans have so much trouble identifying right-wing terrorism as terrorism.

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