The urge to blog comes and goes for me. Much of the energy that I might have been putting into blogging has instead been devoted to podcasting, where I’ve been extremely active these days. Check this Out! is on a weekly-to-every-ten-days schedule, with lots of interesting content and a shiny new domain name, The UBLaw Podcast series has also taken off this semester, with a wide range of conversations between law professors and others, all centered on scholarly work created or presented here at UB. Finally, the Buffalo Legal Research Podcast, the product of the students in my Teaching Legal Research class, has been posted, and I’m very proud of the results–in particular, listen to Tina Meyers’ take on New York Administrative Regulations for a creative and fun way to teach what might seem like a dry and obscure subject.

I would like to get back to blogging more regularly, though, so I’ve been tinkering with some of the content of this blog. To encourage myself to keep this blog up to date, I’m making this not only my blog, but my personal website. I went on a domain name shopping spree at a couple of months ago, and now many roads lead to Buffalo Wings and Toasted Ravioli: not only the original name,, and the longer but perhaps easier to remember and, but also,, and other forms of my name as well. So for better or worse, this is my online home, and I hope to keep it tidy and interesting for visitors.

I’ll be starting a six-month sabbatical in June, and I’ll be using the time to develop a new course for Spring 2008, my first course in the law school that’s not primarily a JD/MLS course. The tentative title is Online Identities and Privacies, and the course will address a wide range of questions dealing with how concepts of identity and privacy are implicated and changed in the online environment, from Second Life to the odd separation of identities attempted by the White House with their use of private email to simultaneously avoid federal presidential record-keeping statutes while invoking executive privilege. Expect to see me raising some questions on this blog as I work on the materials for this course over the next several months.


1 thought on “News”

  1. Now that all sounds interesting, which makes me that much happier that you’re feeling like posting again. 🙂

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