State of the Union–Hooboy!

Paul the Spud (at Shakespeare’s Sister) notes:

Usually I skip the SOTU address and read the highlights the next day. Let’s face it, it’s 80% the same crap, and the other 20% is all new lies to make it seem as if Bush might work on legislation that isn’t specifically created to make Dick Cheney and his buddies richer than they already are. In addition to that, listening to Prezint Squinty McHeh-Heh makes me want to destroy my television. And we just bought the thing, so I want to keep it in once piece for a while.

Even if I do tune in for a little of the SOTU, I never watch the Democratic response, as it’s usually just completely embarrassing. But this time… I may just have to tune in.

Because Jim Webb is delivering the response.

That would be Jim “That’s between me and my boy” Webb.

Holy crap. We might actually see a Democratic response with teeth.


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