5 Little-Known Things About Me (One of Which Isn’t True)

Jennimi has tagged me: five little-known things about me.  I’m following Lauren’s lead and including one that isn’t true.

1) I had an extra tooth that was removed when I was in high school.

2) Embedded in my left arm is the point of a lead pencil, a remnant of a fight in 7th grade.

3) My birthday cake of choice is German chocolate.  My mother used to make it every year.

4) Although I was an English major, I’ve never read Mark Twain.

5) My middle name is Gunther.

I tag Connie, Steve, Jeremy, Nicole, and Bill.


4 thoughts on “5 Little-Known Things About Me (One of Which Isn’t True)”

  1. By the way….I promise to post soon. Still trying to get out of holiday mode and haven’t gotten back to blogging 100% since I am still hosting a guest at my home. Soon…I promise!


  2. I figured Gunther was the fake one…

    …nobody who cares about their web security would give away a key piece of info like that!

  3. Hmmmm. I wonder if it’s the pencil? I have a little bit of tar stuck in my hand from when I flipped over the handlebars on my bike just before I started seventh grade. That’s completely true. 🙂

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