Seat Back, Svejk Restaurant


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5 thoughts on “Seat Back, Svejk Restaurant”

  1. “. . . it is with a great relief and pleasure that we are hereby dutifully reporting that Book Two and Book(s) Three&Four of our new translation of Jaroslav Hašek’s The Fateful Adventures of the Good Soldier Švejk During the World War are available for sale as paperbacks at

    We hope this announcement finds you in good health and disposition and hungry for more adventures of the good soldier … after all these years.”

    More information on the Svejk phenomenon at

    Also, Svejk on FaceBook:

  2. John C. Reilly would have been perfect, except for the height, as you say. I’ve only seen one film w/ JB, and it wasn’t enough to judge. Maybe Anthony Hopkins — he could do the crafty side of Svejk, but I don’t know about the almost slapstick aspects. Hmmm, how about Ben Kingsley? (Thinking of Pascali’s Island, for one) Great game!

  3. I’m still only about a third of the way through Svejk, but I’ve fallen in love with both the book and the character. One of the games I play with books I really love is to try to cast the movie if it were made into a film today (although I know The Good Soldier Svejk has been filmed several times). I’m thinking of John C. Reilly, but he’s too tall. Jack Black? Maybe he could pull it off.

  4. The Good Soldier Svejk!
    I read this many years ago and thought it one of the funniest books … and then again some years later and thought it tragic and depressing. Whatever that says about my mental state, I still love the book and the character. And Prague! Thank you for the vicarious taste of this incredible city.

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