My new favorite restaurant

Yesterday I had a delicious lunch at Europa Bistro on Elmwood, a few blocks from my apartment.  The menu is a wonderful mix of Eastern European dishes (I had chicken paprikash with liver dumplings, with coffee from a French press pot), and the space is small, cozy and inviting.  It’s hard to imagine that it used to be a Subway restaurant.  They just opened a couple of weeks ago, and I don’t think too many people have discovered it, so I’m only telling a few friends here on my blog–I want to keep this jewel to myself.


4 thoughts on “My new favorite restaurant”

  1. Here’s my follow-up post, Jim. Dining at Europa Bistro, forgive the tired phrase, was like dining in another country. An unidentifiable, peaceful, cozy country. I had a very large bowl of lentil soup and an array of fruits and cheeses. I would happily dine there every day.

  2. Hi Laura! Most dinners are in the $11-$13 range, which I think is pretty darn reasonable. I’ve seen a lot of people enjoying the potato pancakes, which are even less.

  3. Yes! Jim, can you please comment on the menu prices? I have no qualms with paying good $ for good food, which this places surely has. I’m planning a lunch visit next week with a friend and don’t want to shock him with the prices – if he knows beforehand, all will be well. Thanks, Jim!

    I’m wondering why Nancy Babb has not incorporated your recent Buffalo News (Gusto) photo into the ALLUNY web site?

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