My new favorite restaurant

Yesterday I had a delicious lunch at Europa Bistro on Elmwood, a few blocks from my apartment.  The menu is a wonderful mix of Eastern European dishes (I had chicken paprikash with liver dumplings, with coffee from a French press pot), and the space is small, cozy and inviting.  It’s hard to imagine that it used to be a Subway restaurant.  They just opened a couple of weeks ago, and I don’t think too many people have discovered it, so I’m only telling a few friends here on my blog–I want to keep this jewel to myself.


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Professor of Law, SUNY Buffalo Law School

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  1. Yes! Jim, can you please comment on the menu prices? I have no qualms with paying good $ for good food, which this places surely has. I’m planning a lunch visit next week with a friend and don’t want to shock him with the prices – if he knows beforehand, all will be well. Thanks, Jim!

    I’m wondering why Nancy Babb has not incorporated your recent Buffalo News (Gusto) photo into the ALLUNY web site?

  2. Hi Laura! Most dinners are in the $11-$13 range, which I think is pretty darn reasonable. I’ve seen a lot of people enjoying the potato pancakes, which are even less.

  3. I’m going there with Jay Deveau next week. Thanks, Jim!

  4. Here’s my follow-up post, Jim. Dining at Europa Bistro, forgive the tired phrase, was like dining in another country. An unidentifiable, peaceful, cozy country. I had a very large bowl of lentil soup and an array of fruits and cheeses. I would happily dine there every day.

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