Happy Tenure Day to me!

Happy Tenure Day to me!

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I just received and signed the letter from the Chancellor’s office. I’m official.


About James G. Milles

Professor of Law, SUNY Buffalo Law School

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  1. Congrats Jim! No slacking off, eh!!!

  2. Allow me to be one of the first to congratulate you Jim, on a job well done. I hope you get to celebrate with a little Belgian Ale. Tenured UB Law Library Directors RAWKKKKKKKK!

    🙂 jennimi

  3. Jim, that’s excellent news! Congrats!

  4. Congratulations, and celebrations! 😀

  5. That’s boss, boss! Now, about that party…

  6. This doesn’t call for a party–it calls for a par-TAY!

  7. Way to go Jim!

  8. Congratulations Jim!

  9. Congrats Jim!!

  10. Where’s the par-TAY? Congratulations, Jim! You certainly deserve this honor.

  11. What a month! Way to go, Jim!!

  12. Belated congrats!

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