PPME Plenary: Leo Laporte

The first keynote address is being given by Leo Laporte, of This Week in Tech.

We’re all in this together.  It’s not about promoting one podcast or another; it’s about promoting podcasting as a whole.

Podcasting is not radio, and it’s not tv.  If you think it is, stop!

Monetizing: there are ways to monetize your podcasts, but we need to do so without the overwhelming presence of ads you find on radio and tv.

It’s not easy to measure your audience.  Podtracking stats are confusing and unreliable.  We have to promote the medium and grow the audience.  Lots of people have heard of podcasting but have no idea how to listen.  It’s a new medium; don’t copy the mistakes of the old media.  We can learn a lot from them, but avoid their mistakes.  It’s the dawn of a great new age.   New media do not spring up all the time.  Ultimately, this is THE medium–this is the way people want to be spoken to.


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