Liveblogging PPME 2006

I arrived in Ontario, California yesterday around 7:00pm. I’m here for the Podcast and Portable Media Expo 2006. I missed last year’s Expo–actually, I had not started podcasting yet in September 2005–so I didn’t quite know what to expect. One thing I did expect–and was not disappointed–was to find lots of podcasters in the bar at the Marriott Ontario Airport Hotel. I ran into a few podcasters I already knew (Bruce Murray of The Zedcast, Julien of In Over Your Head, Leesa Barnes of Cubicle Divas) and met a few podcasters I’d long been a fan of (Bruce Ibbott of Coverville, Daryl Cognito of The Poddog Show). It also turns out that my room is next to the famous Keith and the Girl. My room is also, incidentally, next to both the interstate and the train tracks. It’s noisy.

It’s now 8:45 am and I’m waiting for the opening plenary session. We’re in a ballroom in the Ontario Convention Center, and looking around, I would estimate that the attendees are about 80% male, and about 95% white. The room setup is nice; the first four rows, reserved for laptop users, have long tables and powerstrips on the floor. Wi-fi is free.

More later.


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