Happy TIFF Eve!

Around noon tomorrow I’m driving up to Toronto for the Toronto International Film Festival. I FedExed my order form for 10 films last week, but I won’t really know which films I’ll be seeing until I pick up my tickets at the box office on Thursday. Here is my (tentative) schedule:

  • Thursday, 8:00 PM: Deliver Us From Evil (dir. Amy Berg) (a documentary about a pedophilic Catholic priest, now living in Ireland–filmed with the priest’s full cooperation)
  • Friday, 9:15 AM: Big Bang Love, Juvenile A (dir. Takashi Miike) (one of four films produced in 2006 by the insanely prolific Miike, with over 70 films since 1991)
  • Friday, 9:30 PM: Jade Warrior (dir. Antti-Jussi Annila) (Finnish ironmonger time-travels to medieval China to battle an ancient demon)
  • Saturday, 12:45 PM: Penelope (dir. Mark Palansky) (Adult fairy tale: Christina Ricci is cursed to be born with a pig’s nose. Produced by Reese Witherspoon.)
  • Saturday, 3:45 PM: Fido (dir. Andrew Currie) (Canadian; Pleasantville with zombies)
  • Saturday, 6:30 PM: Half Moon (dir. Bhaman Gaboudi) (Kurdish; hundreds of brightly-garbed women drum and sing in unison)
  • Saturday, 11:59 PM: All the Boys Love Mandy Lane (dir. Jonathan Levine) (an intelligent teen horror film?)
  • Sunday, 6:15 PM: The Killer Within (dir. Macky Alston) (documentary: quiet psych prof in his 70’s committed a brutal killing 50 years ago, was committed to a hospital for the criminally insane for five years; how does his family respond to the discovery?)
  • Sunday, 9:00 PM: The Last King of Scotland (dir. Kevin Macdonald) (Forest Whitaker as Idi Amin)
  • Monday, 3:15 PM: Blindsight (dir. Lucy Walker) (documentary: blind Tibetan students climb Everest)

Saturday is the busiest day. Friday and Sunday I have some time for shopping. I’ll report here how I’m doing.


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