TIFF 2006

Regular readers of BWTR will notice the blue Toronto International Film Festival logo in the right column. I’ve just signed up to be one of the TIFF Bloggers for the 2006 Festival. This is my first time at a big film festival like this, and I’ll be there for the first four days. If I run into Kate Winslet or Cate Blanchett, you’ll be the first to know!


4 thoughts on “TIFF 2006”

  1. Sutha,

    Thanks for the offer–but I don’t have a camera phone. Still, this could be very useful for another project I’m working on here at UB Law. Let me think about this and get back to you.

  2. Hey Jim,

    I came across your blog from the TIFF website. I work for a company called Ambient Vector. We make a product called Nakama that lets you take pictures and videos from your phone and publish them right up to your blog (even letting you use your voice to add comments on them), your Flickr, everything, all in a single step. We haven’t launched this to the public yet, but since you’re going to be at the film festival, we thought it’s pretty likely that you’ll be taking some cool pictures and videos with your phone, and it’d be cool to put them up on your blog!

    The service is totally free… we just want to get your feedback on the product, and hopefully make it easier to share your film festival experience.

    If you’re interested, please send me a note at suthakamal@ambientvector.com. You can check out our blog at ambientvector.com/blog, or my own at suthakamal.blogspot.com if you’d like to learn a bit more about us. Thanks!


  3. You’re in for a real treat! This will be my 10th year (P.S. We chatted with Cate’s husband, Andrew, a couple of year’s ago at the Four Seasons).

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