Buffalo Lawyer Blogs

I have been a regular reader of distinguished Buffalo attorney (and UB Law adjunct) Bill Altreuter’s blog, Outside Counsel, “occasional notes on a glamor profession.”  Add to this small list of Buffalo law bloggers Jeremy Colby, writing at A Buffalo Lawyer, and Scott Carrol of Webster Szanyi LLP, writing at Webster Szanyi LLP Health Law Blog.  Welcome to the buffaloblawgosphere!

Are there any other Buffalo lawyers out there?  I suspect there are one or two UB Law students and alums who are blogging under various noms de blogue.  Anybody want to come forth?


1 thought on “Buffalo Lawyer Blogs”

  1. “Distinguished”? If you say so. Not exactly the word I’d have picked, but don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining. Better “distinguished” than “grizzled” or some of the other things I’ve been called.

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