Turnaround in November? Not likely.

See Hullabaloo:

Will the Dems win either house or both in November? Let’s put it this way: if they do (and God help us if Republicans continue their assault on the fabric of American government unopposed), it will be because the Republicans couldn’t hide any longer how dangerously awful they are. Democratic victories will come in spite of their best efforts to remain powerless. And Republicans will easily reverse any Democratic wins in ’08.

Why? Please. How much effort do you think it will it take a Republican propaganda machine that comes up with lines like “how quickly to retreat from Iraq” to blame Democrats for anything that goes wrong in the next two years if Dems actually control a house or two of Congress? Talk about cakewalks! (Well to be literate, “pieces of cake,” cakewalks are dances.)

Now there are responsible people, for example Sean Wilentz in this important article in The New Yorker, who apparently feel the march into fascism hasn’t progressed to the point where they’re all but irreversible. I disagree. The assault on American values and institutions has been so thorough and relentless over the past 6 years they cannot be effectively counteracted simply by wresting temporary control of a house of Congress, especially if that control is won by avoiding talking about the important things that are going on. Think of all the extremist judges and bureaucrats Bush has placed in power. Think of all the good people who fled the CIA in the past few years. Sorry, Sean, I love your new book but I think you’ve misunderestimated the extent of the damage.

Sorry, but I can’t think of anything to add.


1 thought on “Turnaround in November? Not likely.”

  1. Extremist judges? Ha.

    Your telling me all those years the democrats had power the judges they put in place were fair? Have you heard of the 9th Circuit?

    This “assault on american values,” could you be more vague? Do you really agree with Hullabaloo?

    The writer, like many others, still does not realize the enemy we face in radical islam is an enormous threat. There could be three more 911’s and people would still not want to properly face our enemy. They would just concoct more conspiracies and, once again, deflect attention away from our enemy. This is the ostrich head in the sand mentality.

    Republicans aren’t angels, but the democrats in power would be a nightmare!

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