Send Lauren to BlogHer

If you're reading this blog, and you don't already read Feministe and Pandagon, go subscribe right now.

Then help Lauren, founder of Feministe, go to the BlogHer Conference

If you’ve spent much time reading feminist-oriented blogs in the last few years, you almost certainly know who Lauren is. Lauren has been a feminist blogger longer than many of you have been online: she started in 2000, and since then, getting in on the ground floor, has helped to set the standard for the feminist blogging world.

As many of you know, Lauren is an especially generous person. She’s generous with links — this blog is just one of many whose traffic began to pick up after a couple well-timed links from Feministe. She’s also generous with her time and with her forgiveness, as this blog has also demonstrated on at least one occasion. if more people were like Lauren, the blogging world would be a much better place.

A groundbreaking feminist blogger with an emphasis on building community really ought to be at July’s BlogHer conference, which is itself devoted to building community among blogging women. But Lauren can’t afford to go. Strange as it may seem, this Midwestern single mom in her mid-20s with a newly-minted degree and a job in the social services sector to pay for it all is too broke to go to BlogHer. I know! It’s just weird. But it’s true.

Lauren’s pal Amanda Marcotte and I were talking about this regrettable situation, and we’ve decided it’s time for Lauren to get a smidgen of karmic payback for everything she’s done for the community of bloggers. Amanda arranged for the BlogHer folks to waive Lauren’s registration fee in return for an appearance on a panel — The Grandmother Of Blogging Women or somesuch — and now all we have to do is get her there, keep her fed, and make up for the couple days worth of paycheck she’ll give up.

That’s where you come in. We figure, what with Lauren’s fan base running into the thousands and the money we need being somewhere not too far from a thousand bucks, that it shouldn’t be too hard to raise the money Lauren needs just by asking you for help.

And so we’re asking you for help. We’ve made it as easy as possible for you to help Lauren get to San Jose, California in July: just visit this Amazon Honor System PayPage with a credit card in hand, and make a donation of whatever size you feel is appropriate, from a dollar on up.

If you're a ready of any of the feminist blogs, you've already felt Lauren's influence.  Go help out.


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