Dubrovnik, Day 3

My paper was a success! In my experience, European conference audiences tend to be pretty quiet and don’t ask a lot of question, but I got a couple of questions and comments out of the audience. The recording was successful, too, so I’ll be podcasting it in next week’s episode.

Giving my paper helped break the ice for me, too. I had the chance to talk with several attendees after my talk. That’s just me, I know–I’m very comfortable with all of my law library colleaques now that I’m an old-timer, but I’m always a little reticent at new conferences where I don’t know anyone and nobody knows me.

The wi-fi hotspot access has been flaky for the last day or so. Now I’m sitting in the excellent Netcafe again, with my own laptop. No more hunting around those funny European keyboards with all their unnecessary punctuation and made-up letters!

Today’s programs were excellent. Ian M. Johnson form Robert Gordon U. in Aberdeen was up just before me, talking about “Electronic Publishing in Librarianship and Information Sciences in Latin America.” That turned out to be the perfect lead-in for my paper on legal publishing, since we both were talking about the peculiarities of different scholarly environments.

Hey, did I mention the ice cream? It’s creamy and delicious, and there’s an ice cream shop every 30 feet here. My favorite is the Kiwi Ice Cream shop, run by some New Zealander ex-pats.

Thanks for your comments on my earlier posts. I’ve been taking more pictures, and I’ll upload them later.


1 thought on “Dubrovnik, Day 3”

  1. Hey hey.thank you for your words abaut the ice cream in Dubrovnik. I’m the ice man from the Kiwi. See you maybe these year. Have a nice time.

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