Dubrovnik, Day 2

This just in: Croatian pizza rocks!  Light, thin crust, not at all greasy.  Mine had Croatian ham, bacon, olives, mushrooms, cheese and tomato sauce.  We need a Croatian pizza place in Buffalo.

The weather today is windy and cool.  The sky is cloudy, which with all the white stone is easier on the eyes.  Dubrovnik is more crowded with tourists than it was yesterday.  

I enjoyed this morning's sessions more than yesterday.  The annual LIDA conference is always divided into two themes, one more academic and research-oriented, the other more focused and practical.  This year's second theme is digital libraries for children and schools.  My paper fits in with the more academic side. I'm still working on my presentation.  Whenever I attend a new conference that I'm unfamiliar with, I like to spend the first day or so getting a sense of what kind of presentation is customary.  Everybody here uses Powerpoint, and I've tried to swear off of the evil Powerpoint.  I'm thinking of using MindMap, which at least has the advantage of not having been done to death.

I've uploaded a few dozen photos to my Flickr account here


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