AlterNet: Will the Real U.S. Government Please Stand Up?

Steve Pizzo at AlterNet:

I've never doubted for a second that the government would spy on its own citizens — any government — not just ours. Information is, as the saying goes, power — always has been, always will be. So, as much as my civil libertarian side hates it, the realist in me shrugs each time a new piece of evidence surfaces that they are up to doing just that.

Or more precisely trying to do just that.

As I downed the final dregs of a cold Corona the other day, I recalled all the stories I had written over the years about monumentally expensive failed government computer system upgrades. In fact, hard as I thought, I couldn't recall a single story lauding a government agency for a successful computer project. Not one. Ever….

Which brings me to the theme of this rant.

Will the real U.S. government please stand up?

  • Are you the black-helicopter flying, eyes in the sky, ears to the ground, all-knowing Big Brother government?
  • Or are you really the Maxwell Smart, bumbling, money-wasting, last-to-know-anything government?

Help me out here.For starters, I find it difficult to imagine that it can be both at once. Are we to believe that within the same government whose top national police agency, the FBI, can't install a computer system that works, another agency, the NSA, can? It's possible, but nothing in my direct experience with government agencies would cause me to believe it.

Read more here.


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