Social Tagging: For Geeks Only?

I've never quite gotten into the whole social tagging part of the Web 2.0 thing. I've played with, but I have at last count 783 bookmarks that I've collected and weeded over the years, and I'm comfortable with using them that way. I use Yahoo! Bookmarks so I can access them from any computer, but I can't seem to find the time to tag them for sharing.

So yesterday Bloglines was down, and I decided to try Rojo as my RSS aggregator. So far I like it: it's fast, and it imported all of my Bloglines feeds easily enough. Rojo also incorporates a lot of the cool new Web 2.0 features, like (of course) social tagging. One handy feature is the "Today" page, which apparently aggregates blog postings that lots of people have tagged.

In the last few days I've read dozens of postings about Steven Colbert at the White House Correspondents Dinner. But Colbert didn't show up in the Rojo tag cloud, which consists almost exclusively of technlogy terms (from "ajax" to "yahoo"). When I did a search for stories tagged "Colbert," only one showed up.

Is that the limitation with social tagging? The only people using it are tech geeks, and the only stories they're interested in tagging are tech stories? I'm interested in technology too, but that's not the only thing I'm interested in, and that's not why I blog or read blogs. If nobody (or not enough people to make a difference) is using social tagging to identify news items in the broader world outside of the latest gadgets, then social tagging is of no use to me. Is anybody using social tagging to help manage their consumption of news on politics, law, the economy, the war in Iraq?


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