Welcome to my new blog

So here I am, starting a new blog. I’ve been blog-hopping for a while, trying out different formats, platforms, and topics: first the UBLaw Phoenix blog, started in response to the fire at the law school a year ago, then last fall with Out of the Jungle, a group blog with Betsy McKenzie and a few other law library colleagues.

This version is my own personal blog. I’ll still continue to post at Out of the Jungle, but that will be where I’ll put my more public thoughts on law libraries and legal education. This is where I’ll put everything else: my personal thoughts, political rants, interesting links, and whatever else I feel like sharing.

This blog is really intended for friends. My inspiration comes from a few of the blogs that I’ve enjoyed reading recently, where very active communities of friends and family have joined in on the comments. So I hope you’ll join me!


4 thoughts on “Welcome to my new blog”

  1. Congratulations on the new blog, Jim! Wow, and thanks for including me on your very select blogroll.


  2. Wow! I’ll be visiting regularly, Jim. Congrats on a new and more personal voice.

  3. Thanks, John. It’s the community aspect that makes this blogging stuff different from a diary. I’ve been puzzling over why there are so few comments and so little participation any of the law librarian blogs, and I still haven’t figured it out. The community aspect is one of the things that most attracts me to blogging, and one of the things that I most miss about the old days of Internet listservs.

  4. I envy your enthusiasm for personal blogging and was touched by your invitation to visit. Blogging like this is like a memoir or diary, because both of those are published and shared with the public – but usually after a long life. “Memoir-in-progress” isn’t descriptive either. It’s a cross between public and private and so both intimate-and-sacred and reaching out for we all seek to connect and feel comfort in those connections while we spend a brief moment on earth. It’s living-in-the-now and documenting as you go because the past is prologue, the future is under construction and the present is all that matters.

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