Tenure vote

The biggest looming event in my life right now is my tenure approval. The law faculty voted last week, and all reports are that the vote was overwhelmingly favorable. Several faculty have congratulated me and told me about all the wonderful things that other librarians, students, and others wrote in my outside letters, course evaluations, and so on–that was great! I was a little curious, though, that two faculty mentioned that they did not realize what a stressful job this was. (I must make it look easy!) I don’t know whether some of my outside evaluators talked about the stress of being a library director, or if it was just seeing how much administrative work is involved. Traditional (non-librarian) faculty have an aversion to administrative work, and I’ve always found it funny that one of the “perks” of faculty status that librarians seem to seek out is the opportunity to attend meetings and serve on committees.


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